Starting June 19-25, stay up-to-date with the latest news and scores straight from the 2017 US Youth Soccer Farwest Regional Championships in Seattle! Thirty-three Cal South teams will be looking to compete for a regional championship and a berth at the 2017 US Youth Soccer National Championships in Frisco, Texas.

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Friday, June 23
Level Time (PT) Home Score Away
14UB 8:00AM CDA Slammers FC - Seattle United 03 Copa (WA)
14UB 8:00AM LVSA 03 Silver (NV) - Oxnard United SC
16UG 8:00AM Rebels G2001 Elite - Spokane Sounders (WA)
16UG 8:00AM LAGSD 01 Elite - La Roca Premier (UT)
18UB 8:00AM West Coast FC Wyss - SC del Sol (AZ)
18UB 8:00AM Fullerton Rangers White - Oxnard PAL 99
19/20UG 8:00AM Utah Celtic 98 (UT) - Legends FC 98 Academy
14UG 10:00AM San Diego SC Academy - Legends FC G03 Academy
14UG 10:00AM LAGSD G03 Elite - PacNW 03 Maroon (WA)
14UG 10:00AM San Diego Soccer Club - LVPSA 03 (NV)
16UB 10:00AM WCFC Armour - FC Golden State - 2001
18UG 10:00AM La Roca Premier (UT) - Beach FC Academy
13UB 12:00PM Rebels 04 Elite - Legends FC B04
13UB 12:00PM Strikers FC-MV - Heat FC 04 (NV)
15UB 12:00PM La Roca Premier (UT) - West Coast FC Wallace
17UB 12:00PM West Coast FC Armour - FC Portland 00B (OR)
19/20UB 12:00PM LVSA 98 (NV) - Oceanside Breakers Black
19/20UB 12:00PM West Coast Haney - Westside Timbers 97B (OR)
13UG 2:00PM San Diego Surf - LVPSA 04 (NV)
13UG 2:00PM CCV 04 (AZ) - Real So Cal G2004
15UG 2:00PM Beach FC 02 Academy - Rush 02G Nero (HI)
17UG 2:00PM Legends FC South - La Roca Premier (UT)
19/20UB 2:00PM FC Boulder (CO) - LA Premier FC White

Monday, June 19
Level Time (PT) Home Score Away
13UG FINAL PacNW G04 Maroon (WA) 3-1 Real So Cal G2004
15UB FINAL PacNW 02 Maroon (WA) 2-4 West Coast FC Wallace
17UG FINAL Slammers FC Reserve  3-2 La Roca Premier (UT)
19/20UB FINAL LVSA 98 Red (NV) 2-1 LA Premier FC White
19/20UB FINAL West Coast Haney 2-1 Seattle United 98 Copa (WA)
19/20UG FINAL Legends FC 98 Academy 2-1 Crush Blue (UT)
13UB FINAL Guadalajara Scorpions (NM)  0-5 Rebels B2004 Elite 
13UG FINAL Real Colorado National (CO) 1-1 San Diego Surf 
16UG FINAL HSC Bulls Academy (HI) 1-3 Rebels G2001 Elite 
17UB FINAL West Coast FC Armour  4-1 Rush 00B (HI)
18UB FINAL Fullerton Rangers White 1-0 Seattle United B99 (WA)
13UB FINAL Idaho Rush Premier (ID) 0-4 Legends FC 04
13UB FINAL Westside Timbers 04 Copa (OR) 0-2 Strikers FC-MV
13UG FINAL Rush 04G (HI) 5-4 Arsenal FC Pre ENCL
15UG FINAL Real Colorado 02 (CO) 2-1 Slammers FC Reserve
16UB FINAL Sparta 01 Premier (UT) 0-1 WCFC Armour
18UB FINAL Heat 99 FC (NV) 1-0 Oxnard PAL B99
18UG FINAL LAGSB Elite 2-5 Palo Alto SC (CA-N)
14UB FINAL Eastside Timbers 03B (OR) 1-2 Oxnard United SC
14UG FINAL HSC 03G GPS Oregon Elite (OR) 1-1 Legends FC 03 Academy
14UB FINAL Jackson Hole United (WY) 0-5 CDA Slammers FC
14UG FINAL LAGSD 03 Elite 2-0 La Roca RH (UT)
14UG FINAL Eastside FC 03 (WA) 1-1 San Diego SC Academy
15UB FINAL Valley United- Levi 0-3 Seattle United B02 Copa (WA)
15UG FINAL USA 02 Premier (UT) 0-2 Beach FC 02 Academy
17UG FINAL Colorado Storm 00 (CO) 1-3 Legends FC South
18UB FINAL West Coast B99 Wyss 9-0 Peninsula Galaxy Blue (CA-N)
19/20UB FINAL FC Boulder 98/99 Black (CO) 0-0 Oceanside Breakers Black
16UB FINAL Maui United Soccer Club (HI) 1-3 FC Golden State - 2001
16UG FINAL Santa Clara Sporting (CA-N) 0-4 LAGSD G01 Elite
17UB FINAL Rush 00B Nero (HI) 0-4 FRAM B00 Lawson
18UG FINAL Crossfire Premier 99 (WA) 2-1 Beach FC Academy G99

Tuesday, June 20
Level Time (PT) Home Score Away
13UB FINAL Scottsdale Soccer Blackhawks (AZ) 1-1 Legends FC 04
13UG FINAL Arsenal FC Pre ENCL 1-2 LVPSA 04 Red (NV)
15UB FINAL La Roca Premier (UT) 5-1 Valley United- Levi
15UG FINAL Slammers FC Reserve 1-2 La Roca PO (UT)
17UB FINAL West Coast FC Armour 6-1 Players SC 00 Elite (NV)
17UB FINAL FC Portland 00B Navy (OR) 3-2 FRAM B00 Lawson
17UG FINAL FCSC 00G (OR) 3-0 Slammers FC Reserve
18UB FINAL AZ Arsenal 99 Premier (AZ) 1-6 West Coast B99 Wyss
13UB FINAL Colorado United 04B (CO) 1-3 Strikers FC-MV
13UG FINAL USA Metro Premier (UT) 0-4 Real So Cal G2004
15UB FINAL Santa Clara Sporting (CA-N) 1-2 West Coast FC Wallace
17UG FINAL Rio Rapids (NM) 1-2 Legends FC South
18UG FINAL LAGSB Elite 3-1 Arsenal Colorado Academy (CO)
19/20UG FINAL Legends FC 98 Academy 0-3 Eastside FC 98 Red (WA)
19/20UB FINAL Elite FC (NM) 1-1 Oceanside Breakers Black
13UB FINAL Crossfire B04 Yakima (WA) 0-3 Rebels B2004 Elite
13UG FINAL Heat FC 04 (NV) 1-2 San Diego Surf
15UG FINAL Rio Rapids SC (NM) 0-2 Beach FC 02 Academy
18UB FINAL Santa Clara Sporting (CA-N) 2-2 Fullerton Rangers White
19/20UB FINAL CCV 98 Boys (AZ) 1-6 LA Premier FC White
19/20UB FINAL Forza West 98 (UT) 1-3 West Coast Haney
14UG FINAL New Mexico Sting Elite (NM) 1-3 LAGSD G03 Elite
14UB FINAL Oxnard United SC 2-4 Red Star Central Valley (CA-N)
14UG FINAL Utah Avalanche 03 (UT) 0-1 Legends FC G03 Academy
16UG FINAL Celtic FC Premier (UT) 0-1 LAGSD G01 Elite
16UB FINAL CV SJ Earthquakes PSA (CA-N) 2-2 WCFC Armour
18UB FINAL Rangers 99 Premier (UT) 1-2 Oxnard PAL B99
14UB FINAL Missoula Strikers Red (MT) 1-6 CDA Slammers FC
14UG FINAL San Jose Earthquakes 2003G (CA-N) 0-5 San Diego SC Academy
16UB FINAL FC Golden State - 2001 1-2 SC del Sol 01 (AZ)
16UG FINAL Rebels G2001 Elite 4-2 PacNW 01 Maroon (WA)
18UG FINAL Valley Revolution 99G (AK) 4-0 Beach FC Academy G99

Wednesday, June 21
Level Time (PT) Home Score Away
14UB FINAL CDA Slammers FC 5-1 ECFC United 03 (CA-N)
14UG FINAL San Diego SC Academy 2-1 CO Storm 03 (CO)
15UB FINAL West Coast FC Wallace 2-0 Rush 02 (HI)
15UB FINAL Valley United- Levi 3-3 Eastside Timbers 02 (OR)
19/20UG FINAL Santa Clara Sporting (CA-N) 2-2 Legends FC 98 Academy
14UG FINAL LAGSD G03 Elite 4-0 Idaho Rush Premier (ID)
15UG FINAL Missoula Strikers (MT) 0-7 Slammers FC Reserve
15UG FINAL Beach FC 02 Academy 4-0 FC Nova Elite (ID)
16UB-- FINAL Boise Nationals Timbers (ID) 2-4 FC Golden State - 2001
14UB FINAL New Mexico Rush (NM) 0-4 Oxnard United SC
14UG FINAL Legends FC G03 Academy 2-0 LVPSA 03 (NV)
18UB FINAL Fullerton Rangers White  2-0 (Default) Boise Nationals Timbers (ID)
17UG FINAL Slammers FC Reserve 5-2 Players 00 Elite (NV)
17UG FINAL Legends FC South 0-0 Scottsdale Blackhawks (AZ)
18UB FINAL Oxnard PAL B99 3-2 HSC Bulls Academy B99 (HI)
18UB FINAL West Coast B99 Wyss 1-2 WPFC 99 Black (WA)
13UB FINAL Rebels B2004 Elite 2-1 El Camino FC United 04 (CA-N)
13UB FINAL Strikers FC-MV 3-0 New Mexico Rush 04 (NM)
13UG FINAL San Diego Surf 3-0 04 Celtic FC Premier (UT)
13UG FINAL Real So Cal G2004 9-2 Cook Inlet SC (AK)
18UG FINAL ETFC 99G (OR) 0-6 LAGSB Elite
18UG FINAL Beach FC Academy G99 2-1 AZ Arsenal Premier (AZ)
19/20UB FINAL LA Premier FC White 2-1 Idaho Rush Premier (ID)
19/20UB FINAL Oceanside Breakers Black 2-0 Missoula Strikers Red 98 (MT)
13UB FINAL Legends FC 04 2-1 La Roca AV (UT)
13UG FINAL Crossfire 04G (WA) 2-0 Arsenal FC Pre ECNL
16UG FINAL Rio Rapids SC (NM) 0-2 Rebels G2001 Elite
16UG FINAL LAGSD G01 Elite 1-0 Capital FC Timbers (OR)
17UB FINAL GS Surf B00 (WA) 1-1 West Coast FC Armour
17UB FINAL FRAM 00B 0-2 Boise Nationals Timbers (ID)

Thursday, June 22
Level Time (PT) Home Score Away
16UB FINAL WCFC Armour 1-1 LVSA 01 Red (NV)
19/20UB FINAL West Coast Haney 2-1 Sereno SC Thompson (AZ)